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Martin Luther King said "I have a dream" and it was a beauty, well Glen Conrad of Australia had a dream as well. He wanted to protect his car from the frequent storms of south east Queensland many of which pelted down with hail the size of golf balls or at one time or another cricket balls! He dreamed up a way to make a completely portable car port if you will, but one that would fit in the boot of your car and be able to be put up in between 4 to 8 minutes depending on the product, yet was still strong enough to stand up to mother nature. He suceeded and the result was the patented SUN HAIL PROTECTOR and a subsequent SUN HAIL range of products.

It all started one stormy day on the Gold Coast when Glen wanted to build a big enough tent for his 4X4 so he could attend air shows in style and one thing kind of lead to another and the Sun Hail range of products was developed.

Now days using top quality steel and canopy manufacturers under contract, Sun Hail Products has grown into a new trusted name in vehicle protection products.

All products are backed by a 12 month Australian warranty to ensure you peace of mind on your new investment.

The canopies themselves are made to Z16 standards

This means the canopy is commercial quality and has been tested to meet a UVR quality of 98% and shade delivery of 91%, further after 10 years of permanent use, the Canopy has tested to a UVR rate of 94% and a shade rate of 90%. (Independently tested to Australian standards 4174 – 1994).

Our testomonials speak for themselves;

"A truly inovative and remarkable product and the only one I'd trust for my Holdern 60th Commodore" - Scott Buddy Cameron International Musical Star.
"What a ripper of a product, Couldn't believe it would fit my truck" - Bryan Skirving Gold Coast Signwriter
"Have had several storms now and it's still standing, Can't say the same for my neighbours permanant car port!" - Scott Brewer- Actor